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N422 Trio Travel ChargerNaztech N422 Wired Micro USB AC Black

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Hypercel Part Number: N422W-12434

UPC: 633755124341

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Naztech's powerhouse N422 TRiO Wall Charger grants a seriously potent and conveniently rapid charge for up to three of your favorite electronic devices at the same time. Not to worry, this power-booster also has the uncanny ability to charge all of your complex tablets and gadgets in a swift manner without fail. This impressive charging tool features a sleekly elegant design in a glossy piano finish with dual housed USB ports, built-in 4.9 foot long Micro USB cable to the underside, and two foldable hideaway prongs for the ultimate in portability and compact solutions. It also boasts impressive voltage stats paired with short circuit, overcharge protection, and advanced microchips to insure your devices attain plentiful power levels in a safeguarded process so you can trust that your valuable electronics are protected and defended while charging in tandem with one another.

Special Features: 4800mA of Power
Ultra Compact Design
Foldable Prongs

Specifications: Input (AC): 100~240V
Output (USB): 5V 4.8A (2.4A+1.2A+1.2A)
Power: 4800mA
Cable Length: 5ft
Cable Gauge: 5.0 x 2.5mm / Flat cable
Protection: Short Circuit/Overcharge

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