• Lightning to USB-C Cable
  • MagBuddy Wireless Collection
  • SmartPack
  • Elite Series Cable
  • HyperGear Wireless Charging Dock

Bundle kits are a great way to boost profits and eliminate customers’ time and guesswork for choosing peripherals. With a wide range of price points and designs—as well as the latest technology-- Hypercel’s comprehensive wireless, car and gaming PC bundle kits instantly get their larger-ticket purchases up and running with the must-have accessories and maximum performance they want. Whether they’re looking to outfit their new Qi wireless smartphone, equip their car with a phone holder and charging setup, find a wireless headset/speaker gift set, or gear up for a gaming all-nighter, our Naztech and HyperGear brands have the bundle kits that’ll attract their business!


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Wireless Gift Set HyperGear Wireless Gift Set - Gold HyperGear Wholesale: Login

Wireless Gift Set HyperGear Wireless Gift Set - Silver HyperGear Wholesale: Login

Rave Bluetooth Speaker & Headphones HyperGear Rave Bluetooth Speaker & Headphones - Black HyperGear Wholesale: Login