Customer Testimonials

"Hypercel has helped our company grow to the next level. We compete in the global accessory market with their low-priced, high-quality accessories. Our returns became very minimal once we started selling Hypercel-branded products. With their rapidly-expanding product line, they always get the newest items in before any other company. Their accessories outperform many OEM products being sold."

Martin Zadorian, Purchasing Manager
Exchange Cellular

"We look to a distributor to provide quality products, reliable delivery, consistency, and fair business practices. One of the greatest boosts Hypercel gives to our company is strong financial support. Hypercel understands the relationship between capitalization and success. When other suppliers were offering us credit lines of $100,000 to $200,000, Hypercel offered us over a $1,000,000 credit line, complete with flexible payment terms. This helped us become a major player with Fortune 500 customers."

Scott Robins
TNT Sales

"The level of personalized service, dedication and commitment that I have experienced as a customer of Hypercel has been nothing short of extraordinary. Hypercel represents the very best level of customer service I can imagine."

R. Marcelo Claure, President/CEO
Brightstar Corporation, Miami

"Hypercel will enable us to offer a more diverse product line by having assorted packaging available. Being an authorized Verizon Master Agent and having multiple locations throughout California, it has been a very positive experience doing business with you for the past 15 years. Your program is a great concept."

Bedig Azar, President/CEO
Wireless Plus

"By supplying the technology, support, and competitive solutions, these global leaders stay at the forefront of their industries. Hypercel gave our company the ability to compete in this lucrative enterprise market."

Mike Abramov, President
AirTech Mobile

"We look to a distributor to provide quality products, reliable delivery, consistency, and fair business practices. That's why we've chosen Hypercel as our partner."

Dan Babel, Director of Purchasing
Greenfish Mobile

"Good products plus good service equals happy customers! I am not a frequent endorser of products, but you have the greatest products on the market! I needed a group of real people that I could trust. In addition to selling great products, you guys really stand behind what you sell."

Ivan Mahana, President
Electronica Sudamericana

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