As customers become more dependent on their mobile devices in the gym and on the jogging path, fitness armbands and running belts have grown more popular. HyperGear’s advanced, ultra-minimal ActiveGear Sport Armbands and Sport Belts eliminate the bulkiness found in other fitness belts, without compromising comfort or protection. Lightweight, slim and universally sized, their neoprene bands twist and flex with every movement, never stretching out of shape. Designed to protect Samsung, iPhone, and pretty much all other smartphones up to 6.3”, ActiveGear is built to endure the most vigorous workouts. Plus, both Sport Armband and Sport Belt come with Sport Wireless Earphones that deliver rich, powerful sound while providing a comfortable, tight seal, blocking out both the sweat and ambient noise. Available in a range of colors, with premium packaging and attractive price points to drive volume and profit.


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